Monday, January 17, 2011

Winter Love

Some two-hundred seed pots under lights this winter keep me out of one trouble and into others.
The number of proper winter days we've seen so far in Denver are countable on one human hand. The rest have been warm and most of them sunny. I am growing veg in pots that come off the balcony and indoors overnight (but I am recently questioning if bringing them in is even necessary most of the time.) The veg seedlings are officially one month old now- they have grown considerably in the few days between to-day and the above picture.

Oxalis versicolor (growing in Timberline Nursery) makes a super kitchen-windowsill denizen (because its flowers will look out the window, turning their backs to you while you, who is washing your dishes and inexplicably find yourself craving a candy cane.
But some things are properly beautiful being alseep right now.

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