Friday, February 18, 2011

Sexy Sedum spathulifolium

A quick pin-up for plant lovers out there.

This little hottie gets around. It's strictly a west-coast plant, but can be seen from California to British Columbia, and most of the time as a beach bum. Above, it sunbathes (And what a nice two-tone tan!) in the mild light on an oceanside rock outside of charming Nanaimo, BC.

There are a few variations/cultivars around, but all of this species is good-looking. Above, you can see the skeleton of last year's romantic fling (a dried flower stalk, as some would call it) above the supple new stem of tryst-to-be. The second and third/last pictures were taken on the mossy cliffs on Vancouver Island. Yet again, I saw it growing in the mist issuing from a waterfall in Oregon's Silver Falls State Park. Although in cultivation, we don't have to grow it next to the soap dish in the shower. I'm pushing it in a pot outside here in Denver, where it squints perturbedly up at me, stressed and cold, just surviving our winter but promising to grow back come spring. One last picture this creature that gets cat-calls from me every time. Oh, you could just squeeze those lovely pudgy leaves!


Unknown said...

Ummm, ummmmm, ummmmmm! Thanks for the photos, Kenton, so cool to see how beautiful it can be.

Powell River Books said...

Found your post looking for stonecrop information. Nice shots. - Margy