Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Colorado Day; August First.

August 1
is the 135th Anniversary of Colorado joining the union as a State.
And what a fine state it is. 'Tis a privilege...
Corydalis aurea is a Colorado native yellow bleeding heart. I'm pretty charmed by them. (not too far from Fairplay, Colorado. )

Looking East from partway up the side of Mt. Sheridan, which is shoulder-to-shoulder with the more famous Mt. Sherman (a 14-er) to the North.

At the top of Mt. Sheridan before I did that thing that all mountaineering books spend their introductions warning you about: getting caught on a peak in an afternoon lighting storm. I often hope mother does not read this blog.
The treat of 12 thousand feet elevation: Alpine forget-me-not: Eritrichium aretioides.

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