Thursday, August 30, 2012


Deserving the exclaimation "finally!" are several things today.

I have finally launched, in earnest, my own business, aiming to promote unwatered gardens as landscapes by being a landscaper who actually offers it.  This includes a business card and a business page discretely linked to the top of this blog.  I am pleased already this week to be responding to client interest.  It really was about dang time I applied myself to solve an industry shortcoming I've complained about for too long.

This is really to support my addiction to hunting plants. Don't tell anyone.

Passiflora x 'Clear Sky'
And, a passionflower, like a sweet metaphor, bloomed with three flowers today to the Western Colorado sun.  Like my business, it had been sitting around for many years, not sure if it wanted to blossom in its situation. There were times I thought it was certainly a bust- that it would never bloom, and other days I knew that it must- it just must.  It was inevitable.

And finally, here is proof of finished fickle rockwork of the Desert Crevice Garden.  It hasn't moved slowly, truly, but I am impatient; it is truly "done" now.  I look forward to the RMC-NARGS member's autumn plant sale in Denver next weekend to find some treasures for it.  This event is perhaps where some of the most choice and special plants swap hands in Colorado.  Certainly my favourite and most satisfying plant acquisitions have come from there.  

Desert Crevice Garden; rocks set awaiting plants.

Cyclamen hederifolium
Lastly, a herald of autumn quietly squeeks from the shade garden's leaf-litter.  Now-leafless C. herifolium is decidedly the easiest Cyclamen to grow in the West, being remarkably dry-growing.  Happy Fall.

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Acantholimon said...

Congratulations on the new business: long may you live and prosper! It's an important need you will be fulfilling. Look forward to seeing you at the sale!

Awesome Passiflora: our hardy one is blue: need to swap cuttings...