Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Plant Pin-up: Astragalus spatulatus

Astragalus spatulatus

Cute name, eh?

It is a dolly-dynamite sweetheart beastie. It's been my heart-throb plant for the past year and a half since seeing it for the first time.

Blooming in April, it is being generally cute the rest of the year.

Our local form grows particularly particularly particularly short compared to what it looks like in other places, where in Saskachewan, Kansas, Utah, and elsewhere (the internet reveals)it is up to 6cm tall.

Astragalus spatulatus bun in bloom, April

Here she grows at the edge of the summit/crest of Mt. Garfield, just North of Grand Junction, CO, USA

Proof of proportion of Mt. Garfield's fantastic colony of Astragalus spatulatus.

Astragalus spatulatus
...And there is a plant, cute as a button, grown by Sunscapes Rare Plant Nursery, doing so-far-so-good in my crevice garden, looking all like proof of a pathological desire to mimic nature.

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