Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The APEX project day 5

Now, with more "doneness!"

The Sand hath come.

And we doth not sit around.

For a garden this large, it is particularly important to orient the stones in the same direction, so we use a compass, set on the stone at hand, and here, with two rock bars to twist the stone to the right orientaion, which, for this particular garden, is bearing 300 degrees for every single rock in the whole enchilada.  Ironically, the steel rock bars, when within 3 feet or so will disrupt the compass, which makes for some dancing while we work.
That's Ryan Durfee of Pan's Gardens, sneaking in incognito to place stones.


Susan in the Pink Hat said...

Have to say, this is the most exciting string of posts I've seen in a long, long time.

You're putting the surrounding "rockscape" in its pathetic place.

ineedacupoftea said...

Thank you Susan, you are most kind.
Do you have a crevice garden?

Are you in the Wasatch Rock Garden Club?

Susan in the Pink Hat said...

Kenton, I do not yet have a crevice garden. I don't even have a crevice trough yet, but someday! I'm not savvy enough about their construction, so I am paying close attention to what you are doing. Also, I've been looking at your Spriggs gardens links and been reading things through the SRGC bulletins to study up. I am a member of WRGS, although I do think I need to send them some back-membership dues, so this is a good reminder.

Again, keep these posts coming. Especially, PLANTING!

ineedacupoftea said...

Will do.
Most of the plants will go in next spring- buns and cushions, but a dozen or so will go in as soon as stones are in.