Saturday, February 7, 2015

For lack of better material: your quiz

There is a nice stack of fun new information to share on the blog, but stacks of discipline do not abound {needed to research and compose it}.

In the interim, here is an appeal for identification.

This Fumariaceae member appeared out of recycled potting mix, which has subsumed many many year's worth of ungerminated trays sown with European seed exchanges.  These pictures are not sufficient for me to properly identify it. (One needs to see what the tuber looks like, the sexy bits on the inside, and basal leaves/scales.)  It has grown quite strongly, re-bloomed, and even survived drought in a pot before it went into the woodland spot in the garden.

Any ideas?  I'm 90% sure it's a corydalis.


Susan in the Pink Hat said...

That looks like Corydalis to me, but I have not grown them, which, in this case, makes you 100% more knowledgeable than me on growing and identifying Corydalis right now.

Panayoti Kelaidis said...

I believe it's Coryadlis listowiana (C. "DuFu Temple"), which can be very invasive, although it's only settled down to a dull roar in my garden after rampaging everywhere. Scroll nine images down on this link to compare:

ineedacupoftea said...

Aha! Brilliant. No one had any ideas till this. I'll have to hit it with a hand lens when it blooms again with a book open to Corydalis section: Incisae.