Tuesday, December 29, 2015

New photoshoot with the versatile Shrubby Buckwheat

Eriogonum corymbosum, pink form, San Rafael Swell, UT, USA.

Western Colorado Botanical Gardens, (Chelsea Nursery strain)

A more tight-haired Seedling from Chelsea Nursery.

"Henryville Yellow" is Eriogonum corymbosum v. aureum.

It was sold for a time by High Country Gardens.

It really wants to be dry. Very dry. The low end of the desert rock garden was too wet for it.  Odd little bugs liked its flowers, scented lightly of arm-pits.

Since the first time I fell in love with Shrubby Buckwheat, I have learned that it really hates shade.   In the way that cats don't like having their nails painted. They could die.

It is best used in the brightest, driest open landscape with room to stretch out to 4 or 5' wide. 

I'll make a link to our last interview here.

Enjoy its autumn colours, and buy it from Chelsea Nursery.


Susan in the Pink Hat said...

I'm still not under the spell of this one. I'd rather have E. fasciculatum for the site this demands to do well.

Kenton J. Seth said...

Eriogonums in general seem to be a developed taste for many. I confress I am slow the adopt the airy ones. Would E. fasciculatum be hardy for you?

Susan in the Pink Hat said...

E. fasciculatum var. poliofolium hardy? Yep. grows outside of St. George. Stephen Love has been trialling it in his research station and Idaho and it has become an indispensable plant for his garden. See here.