Thursday, June 15, 2017

The love is in the doing

Hard at work in the nursery.
In our characteristic poses.

(photo courtesy of Marla of RootsMedicineGardens)

Allen waters in new plants at KAFM. It's grown a bit.
Go buy Stanleya pinnata from Chelsea Nursery now.
It's worth it. One word: Hummingbirds.

Have Crevice Garden will Travel.
(That's Agave parryi v. couesii looking all dangerous)
At the CSU Extension Office's Demo Days in Early June.


danger garden said...

Okay that truck/crevice garden photo is just too fabulous. What's the back story? And can I share it?

Kenton J. Seth said...

Loree, you are more than welcome to share.

Our local extension agent for CSU hosted a "Demo Days," where institutions and professionals offered small educational programs to the public at the master gardner's venue.

No amount of talking or waving of arms can really beat actually building a crevice garden at a workshop, so I copied the idea from my Crevice-garden building Canadian counterpart, Paul Spriggs, who has a wooden box and a pile of rocks he uses every year that fits in the back of his work pickup to take to workshops. I've been part of workshops with him up there in Victoria, and it sure is good idea. The event area here was vehicle inacessible, so I did my demo in the parking lot and didn't even take the box out of the truck, electing to build it right in the bed. It weighed almost a half ton, but took less than an hour to deconstruct after I drove it home.

The soil is recycled and fortified potting mix- not what I'd actually use in a crevice garden anywhere, ever; it is what we grow native grasses in the micronursery.

David C. said...

That's my kind of truck bed...would love to cruise my town with something like that! I'm amazed you can disassemble it that fast.

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