Friday, August 18, 2017

What have I got to do to get some good tea?

"What is the summer in Scotland like?"


We'll soon find out!
The Scottish Rock Garden Club may have one of the most serious, hardcore plant-worshipping magazines I've ever seen, and some of my favorite rock garden gems came from the SRGC's massive, exceptionally rich Seed Exchange.  I finally get to get closer to this amazing group with the aid of a grant from Diana Aitchison Fund, which is designed to connect young people to rock gardening.  Tori and I will be touring Scotland and the UK the rest of August for me to give a couple talks (the Dunblane Summer Event, Aug 19th) and to interview gardeners to document what is going on in rock gardening there today- especially, of course, Crevice Gardening.

There are still important questions to ask- like the continuing: What is universal about crevice gardens world wide?

(Ian Young, of Aberdeen, at the Prague rock garden conference.)

I've already been lucky enough to meet some of the folks in the club, who have invited us to visit.

My friend Nick, curator at the Betty Ford Alpine gardens, traveled there in 2015 to research tufa beds; knowledge we put to use building those in the alpine house there now.

I look forward to having my head stuffed with great knowledge from these marvelous people, and endeavor to share it here.  And both of us are looking forward to trying out  a bit of Scottish Mountain Biking!

Oh yes, and tea.

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