Friday, May 7, 2010

Georgia (Republic of)

Some random shots that don't even try to sum up some sort of feeling, vibe, or mood of Georgia.

David Gareji preserve.

Mount near Bakuriani, which was a Russian-hosting Ski-resort-town before the war with Russia left relations too cold for such tourism. The people get along just fine, who are poloticians to tell them who they can and can't relate to?

What on earth is happening to this poor bird!?

Some kids on the street were very friendly. Her colleagues could not understand why, if I indeed felt that she was pretty, that I would not agree to marry her. Tbilisi's new Bridge. Lights, mysteriously impregnated into the glass, change intensity and make it sparkle...

Note three languages and one human condition.
("I {heart}Tbilisi," "Baby on Board," and well, yes.)

Freedom Square with old George killing that lizard in gold.

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