Thursday, April 22, 2010

Veteran Rockstar

(Penstemon arenicola. I want this plant. Badly.)

Of the Mad Making of Minatures:
John Stireman is no stranger to the Rock Garden world; you will find his photos on the NARGS website.

(Phlox hoodii, clearly not happy in a trough and thereby crawling out...)

I learned a great deal from this veteran plant grower. He sent me home with plants (all of which are still alive, which is not true of an equal number of commercially-acquired plants at the same time...)
(Arabis drabaformis. I also want this plant!)

He and his wife entertain a front yard and most of a back yard full of rock garden plants. He also has an expertly self-excecuted sunken greenhouse in which he propagates and grows his tender mostly-African creatures. (I mean plants) One of his current projects is hybridising Alionopsis.

Tender African succulent seedlings in his greenhouse.

Tulipa linifolia.

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