Thursday, June 13, 2013

Great Bladdery Milkvetch

This is probably Astragalus megacarpus, growing in bentonite clay near the Rattlesnake Arches.

Ahh, another plant whose name sounds like an internal organ disease.
This plant has a chance of being a different species: namely a wierd A. ceramicus ssp or A. whitneyi. Or yet another one.

Tonight I have the great pleasure of hosting Panayoti and Jan while he gives a couple lectures in town.  This evening's hardy cactus program was well recieved and much enjoyed by the local Chinle Chapter of the Cactus and Succulent Society.

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Acantholimon said...

Hey! When did you post this? Thank you for the accommodation and the company: what fun to see you nursery and some of your garden--wish we had time to do more. We loved your home: I lived in a penthouse for a year in Ithaca when I was probably about your age. But I didn't have nearly your taste or maturity back then!

Hope to see you soon!