Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Jone's or Desert Bluestar

This beastie is well past bloom now, nearly ripe in seed.  It must be plugged until everyone knows about it:  An incredibly long-lived and sturdy (if slow-moving) desert fella (or gal...) that is not rare as much as quite limited in range in nature, and it is recently more available in nurseries. Go get one.
Well, actualy, it is on some governmental "rare plant" list or another.

Amsonia jonesii
Amsonia jonesii

The above shots are wild plants which may actually be within the city limits of  Grand Junction, CO. 

I recently planted one of these in a landscape in the heat of the high nineties we're having, and totally forgot to put a shade on it.  This new plant gets water once a week or two.  It has not flinched, not wilted the smallest bit.  Grow it if you don't already. 


David Cristiani said...

Nice one! Hopefully those in your town pushing Alberta Spruce don't challenge you with, "but is that really hardy, since it's up in those rocks?"!

Acantholimon said...

Great pix in the wild: this has been growing for us at DBG for over 30 years (first got it from Charles Weddle when he had his rare plant nursery in Palisade): this is the darkest and most gorgeous of sapphire in early spring...showier than any other Amsonia. Hope the seed is ripe!