Friday, December 20, 2013

The Year of the Lecture

(Nasella tenuissima,  Mexican Feather Grass, frames my friend's garden in Denver, CO)

2014 has become the year of the touring botanical lecture for me; I'm lucky enough to be all over North America giving talks.  A nice way to avoid doing actual work.  

Here's a moment to shamelessly announce them if you happen to be in the area.

18 January  Seed Exchange Logistics: Rocky Mountain Chapter of NARGS (at Denver Botanic)
21 January   Lesser-known Hardy Succulents: Colorado Cactus and Succulent Society  (at Denver Botanic)

15 March: Piedmont Chapter of NARGS, Raleigh, NC: (Plant Hunting in the Caucasus)
22 March: Southern Appalachian Chapter of NARGS, Asheville, NC: (Crevice Gardening)

12 June Calgary Rock & Alpine Garden Society (or, I love this: CRAGS!) Calgary, AB


Anonymous said...

Those are some serious speaking engagements, and only in 6 months. Though, I think talks are harder work than design, unless it's the same one over and over.

CRAGS - perfect acronym!

And I was griping about speaking 3 times this year. But I almost always like speaking, once I'm doing it and esp after...

I should post mine like you did!

Panayoti Kelaidis said...

Is that all? Barely half a should start keeping a tally: I'm up to 110 cities after all (they begin to blend with one another). To make it worthwhile, you need to have a book to tout and sell (I don't alas)...Congratulations: at your age I hadn't even started!

Kenton J. Seth said...

It's a ball, and the plan is to enjoy the heck out of the opportunity. Whew- I need to ge to where design doesn't feel so much harder than lectures, which are thier own brand of challenging. Do post yours up, David- so perhaps I can take on of yours in.

I think that the best thing about speaking is that it presses one to study and beef up his skills on something, perhaps re-addressing and re-assessing. I find giving a lecture very educational to me!

Kenton J. Seth said...

Thanks, PK. There is a comet-trail of lectures behind you so many times longer than the circumfrence of earth...

Gah! I'm way too young for a book. There's more work to done.

Wasn't Peter Korn's book a giant splash in our pond? Whew, I have to re-read it again.
See ya in a few weeks, I hope.

Panayoti Kelaidis said...

Have you always had those blogs stretching back to 2010? I don't recall so many...enjoying browsing through those...