Friday, December 20, 2013

Unexpected Autumn Colours, 2013 edition. In winter.

Owed to the fervent effort of avoiding winter blues and sitting-down activities, a fall colour blog just before Christmas.

Mirabilis multiflora doesn't always do wild things like this.  These are calyxes. (the leafy wrapper of the flower)

Winterfat, Krascheninnikovia lanata lets its old leaves go pink while recent ones, blue-white, will remain for winter.
Krascheninnikovia/ Eurotia/Ceratoides lanata's ("Winterfat" gets to be an appealing name!) fall color is more apparent with the aid of Catalpa leaves...

Ginkgo biloba and Euonymous elata

Ampelopsis brevipundunculata, or Porcelainberry vine to us mere mortals.

Enjoy your winter. 
Or survive it to enjoy the spring, at least.


Panayoti Kelaidis said...

Wonderful pix. Our colors aren't so nice out too fried I fear in that last cold snap.

Anonymous said...

Seeing that sort of thing quite a bit...dried growing season color is yet another good design idea! That Mirabilis is especially nice.