Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Two Plant Digests for Your Eyes and Ears

But first, we were excited to hear our dear friend, a mentor of mine, and perhaps the kingpin of anything horticulturally good in Colorado, interviewed on Colorado Matters on Colorado Public Radio: Panayoti Kelaidis of Denver Botanic.

The interview by Ryan Warner.

My favorite fact about him I share to try to shed light on a such such a multi-faceted dude is that if you are traveling overseas, and meet the horticulturist in even obscure botanical gardens, and when they learn you are from Colorado, USA, they will ask: "Do you know Panayoti?"
The answer is always yes!

Now, for the featured media.

For Your Eyes:

(by the University of British Columbia- link above)

A person can subscribe so that an email comes to you almost once a day with a gorgeous picture and usually some fantastically fascinating details about the plant or organism, like how an edible plant got into cultivation, or mechanisms recently discovered in that plant, et cetera.  They are short enough to consume daily and long enough to feel that beautiful stretchy feeling in your brain when you increase your understanding of the natural world.  When I visited UBC, I could not help but be a total fanboy and stop into their offices just to thank them for this wonderful educational service.  Don't stop, Daniel Mosquin and friends!

(Picture: in UBC BG)

For Your Ears:

(get happy and click the link above)

Podcasts make long drives or tedious deadheading (I don't do that anymore; I grow better plants) not just bearable but enriching.   Creator Matt Candeias an Illinois Ph. D. Student.  The blog, whose goal is to "fight plant blindness" has become a semi-weekly hour-long podcast in an interview format, and he talks to incredible people in the plant world ranging from a lady botanist in Syria putting together a flora of the country, to the Smithsonian's orchid curator.  In Defense of Plants is one of the finest brushes to paint for us the picture of the what's going on in the whole world of plants.

(Picture: A sand prairie I saw in Minnesota (thanks Rick); an ecosystem recently covered in an In Defense of Plants Video.)


danger garden said...

Thanks! I am now subscribed to In Defense of Plants and resubscribed to Botany Photo of the Day. I used to get their emails, I'm not sure when it stopped. Or why I didn't notice...

Kenton J. Seth said...

UBC's BPotD was down for a while, but returned triumphantly!

Kenton J. Seth said...

Oooo! Today's photo of the day is on Hairy Manzanita! How timely!

David Cristiani said...

Thanks, I'll check these out, as they sound deep and interesting. Anything for a diversion from "things" here. "Fight Plant Blindness" - perfect!