Saturday, August 11, 2018

The APEX Crevice Garden: A Big Update after 3 years

Touching base in spring 2018.  Apex grows.

So coy, those Manzanitas.  This is Allan Taylor's "Red."

Unk buckwheat.

Mini forms of Hymenoxys acaulis are going to mix with tall ones and argentea.

I am never there to see the flowers on Petunia patagonica.   Huff.

Never enough Moltkia petrea, I've planted a few more.  Thanks Bill.
It really does behave like a blue daphne.

In a strike of the first theft in the garden, this Eriogonum kennedyi was dug up.  Such things are absolutely guaranteed to die when moved.  That's what a thief deserves. Just a couple other silver buns were taken.  

Phlox nana 'Perfect Pink' from David Salmon is like a pink version of the reblooming-dry-loving easy-grow flower-factory Zinnia grandiflora.

Hedysarum dshambulicum.

Monardella macrantha is a showstopper, but has not persisted.  

This aerial photo was taken as we were finishing; I think I know who the two figures are.

Stenotus acaulis

Tulipa linifolia does well at the base, near the true soil, and dislikes the top.

On "Mount Stireman", mound 3.

Agave toumeyana v bella is pupping. It likes the north exposures.
Rabeia albipuncta ex Molteno, a Stireman plant shining bright.

'Ochsenblut' Phlox courtesy of Mike Kintgen.
Still can't find a record for this Eriogonum. Any ideas, friends?

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Panayoti Kelaidis said...

Wonderful blog posting! Glad you finally are showing the garden as it's mellowing. It's a masterpiece and blows my mind whenever I visit (which is quite often!)...The mystery Eriogonum is most likely E. gracilipes (from the White mts., California) although that species looks superficially like E. kingii (which is endemic to the Ruby Mts.) and both are allied to E. mancum, which has a much wider range, and looks somewhat similar and comes in white, although I prefer the deep blue-purple forms I found growing along Birch Creek, Idaho near where deeo purple Phlox kelseyi once grew (but seems to have been obliterated by too many cows). TMI?