Saturday, August 11, 2018

Turning a new leaf or two. Or thousands.

Stipa scribneri, formerly known from Tom Peace as "Stud Puppy."  
I'm going to get this plant out in more gardens or die trying.

This summer marks two big changes around here- I have essentially closed the landscape part of my company, Paintbrush (in favor of Garden Design and the Micronursery; I'll still make exceptions for very special native landscapes)  and we've moved house from a downtown Grand Junction apartment to a little 60s house in Fruita, Colorado.

Clank clank clank, drill drill, buzz buzz, pound pound pound, riiiip.  

Getting rid of all kinds of metal enclosures...

Gentiana dahurica and xMangave 'Pineapple Express'

Turbinicarpus lophophoroides (tender)

Sabal minor 'McClintock Strain', the first prick-lings in the new PBG nursery.

Eremurus roots, or sea spiders. 

The view now.

The dream... (At Bob's)
Inspiration for what we'd rather be looking at-  Bob Nold's incredible dry-meadow back yard.

Found a nice kind of "brown" to keep around for composting.

Moving the compost bin, I learned that it produces 2000 pounds of finished compost each year with its two bays, a thousand pounds harvested each June 1 and November 1.  It took two trips with the truck and help from my neighbors to move it.

Only one rose survived the influx of Agave immigrants.

How to kill all this damn grass.

Experimental fertilizer.  

Pest control:  Western Screech Owls.

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