Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rockstar: Rick Lupp of Mt. Tehoma Nursery

That is, he is Mt. Tahoma Nursery. A one-man show, this fine little ship of a nursery produces the top end of rock garden and rare micro-plants for botanic gardens and serious plant collectors everywhere.

Here, Cypripediums appear to lean toward the space heater in his staging/shipping/work/green -house

His inspiring sand-beds overwinter the fussiest of perfect-drainage-loving fussies.

You may have been in a fine botanic garden snooping for a plant-tag and found his nursery's name before you flip the tag over to learn that it is a great form of Saxifraga oppositifolia, above. Well, I have!

To excite the lover's of St. John's Worts: Hypericum aegypticum

Stop making noises at that plant- it is Rhododendron pachysanthum. (Whose name means "Thick flowered.")

A breakthrough for the topographically challenged garden, a freestanding mini Czech rock garden. Note colour contrast in the cushioned plants at the base.

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