Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Have another bowl.

Seedling Dionysia aretioides. Just North of a rock, sandy loam (9% silt) with no organics added. It gets a kiss of sun in high summer and just survives it. Watered weekly in the heat.  I'll try again to pollinate my older plant with this next year. Excellent fragrance. Like diving into a sea of fruit punch.

Dionysia aretioides in Colorado.
Ye old plant next to Sedum spathulifolium. Neither want our sun.
The Saxifrage is dead now, bringing it back to a total of zero in my own garden.

Dionysia involucrata 's bloom evades the focus on a phone camera. 
There is a new year's resolution to take less crappy photos.

Ages dark pink.  shadow of a north rock. Coarse sand with a little compost, but a few inches below that is heavy clay, which certainly gets it through dry spells in summer.

Dionysia aretioides takes from cuttings taken November, with hormone, in perlite, given gentle bottom heat and daily misting with all the other cuttings. I was sloppy and got these two out of 6 cuttings. While this is the most common species in cultivation, it's not easy to replace in Colorado. DBG grew piles of it for a moment and I'm glad I bought one.

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