Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Let's eat more Candy

Where did Iris sprengeri come from? I didn't record planting that. 

Like finding a hundred dollar bill you were using as a bookmark. 

Iris acutiloba ssp. lineolata (looking a little like ssp. longipetala in those standards)
I love how my gray stones really help the flowers of these exotic Iris blend right in.

Iris iberis ssp. lycotis. 

Muscari muscarimi. 
Super fragrant. Look at those brown lobes on the floret tips.

'Red Sails' Lettuce hybridized with the nearby weed Prickly lettuce weeds. 
That's fun.

Castilleja sessiliflora might be the easiest Paintbrush to grow, persisting for years and years.  Hosted here by the Escobaria or the whipcord Thuja.
Don't dismiss it because it's green, cream, and pink flowered.

Set some rocks for Nick at Betty Ford for his Silk Road Garden. I can't wait to see what he planted it with.

Manfreda maculosa comes from many soil types in Texas, has turned out to be pretty hardy, and being re-grown from seed seems to be making it easier in the garden. 
Seeds: Alplains. Plants:, Chelsea Nursery.

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