Monday, April 2, 2018

Xeriscapes march on in April

While The Aloinopsis spathulata hybrids bloom in my rock garden every afternoon- the yellow Rabeia albipuncta (left) starts in late morning, the others reliably after lunch- I'm reminded that while my neighbors are still doing all kinds of spring cleanup, mine took so little time all I seem to do is drink tea and look at these while their blowers howl on in the background.

And while my research on low- and no-water landscapes has taken a bit of a blow this week, (details later) the interest and awareness of this brilliant trend has full steam momentum.

I'm giving a talk for a beloved non-profit Resource Central (Boulder, CO) in Golden in a few weeks (April 19)- a practical, realistic,
HOW-TO talk:
  Xeriscaping in Colorado: Weather, Wildlife and Beyond!

It's wonderful how no matter what life throws at you- hail, rabbits, late frosts- xeric gardening still marches forward with the power of working with nature, not against her.

If this one is not pure Aloinopsis spathulata, it's pretty close.

Droolers over these non-photoshopped plants should know they can acquire seed from the:

-NARGS seed exchange (closed for this season, back again next December) or buy plants
-April 21 at Denver Botanic Gardens: the RMC-NARGS Plant Hunter's Market, or
 -Sunscapes under "Aloinanthus"

You have no excuse not to grow these sun worshipping gems!