Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Cheyenne: Master Gardeners to the Rescue

First, I did a little talk on Crevice garden history and examples around the world...
(photo courtesy of Shane Smith)

Then, we looked at the one here at the entry of the gardens, talked about its inception, which is mostly documented here on the blog...

And we talked bare-root-planting, which the Master Gardeners took to with finesse, helping me get most of the plants in the ground today, alleviating my worries about future cold weather.

The Master Gardeners must also be given credit for providing the grant which made this whole dang thing possible.  My thanks to them for this exciting opportunity, adding another stone in the crown of the Cheyenne Botanic.

Manzanita fans will be interested to know that I planted several here, and that today, on October the 3rd, the plants grown in pots were sending out phenomenally fast root growth; long, white to translucent extensions...  The ideal time to plant a plant is when it's internal clock says  "Roooooooot!"

So as to not break off too many of these finer roots, I delicately washed away the soil from the Manzanitas in a five gallon bucket to plant them and cover them with shade cloth for their first winter. It worked really well at APEX, so I'm doing it here.

250 plants at present, 101 species.  And this is just he first planting of 1/4 of the target plants...

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